At My Therapy Space we are lucky to have Sara from Coastal Audiology work from our office once a month. She is available to test children for hearing loss and related issues. Hearing tests can determine the presence, extent, and reason for hearing loss in babies, toddlers, children, and teens. Audiologists are highly specialised at recognising signs of hearing loss early on.

There are a number of reasons why children may experience hearing loss. One of the most common reasons that we see in the clinic is due to fluid on the eardrums often the result of a middle ear infection. This is a transient hearing loss that can be hard to identify but often has significant impacts on the speech and language of children in their critical period of development. Imagine trying to learn words and sounds you’ve never heard while underwater- that is what it can sound like for our kids. If your child experiences recurrent ear infections and illness or hasn’t had their hearing checked since birth and is experiencing speech or language delays it is often recommended to have an updated hearing test. This is important because the best course of action in preventing further hearing loss or the impacts on speech and language development is early intervention. It will also ensure that your child has adequate hearing to get the most out of the therapies that they may be needing to access to support their development.

After determining the presence and extent of a hearing loss, paediatric audiologists provide the appropriate intervention in order to prevent further hearing loss and to treat any hearing damage.

For more details see Sara’s website If you have any concerns about your child’s hearing please contact Sara by email: or phone: 0430783479 to book an audiology appointment