Therapy Assistant Fees

We are happy to offer a therapy assistant service to the clients and families of My Therapy Space. We are aware of how beneficial it can be for our clients to have somebody to support them in achieving their therapy goals within their natural environments. This involves the development of a therapy program from your child’s therapist who delivers training to the therapy assistant on how best to support your child in functional environments.

The fees outlined below are based on the NDIS price guide’s recommended amounts. If you are interested in finding out more or registering your interest for a therapy assistant to work with your child, please send an email to or call 0431 558 393 and you will be sent an information pack.

Level 1: $56.16 per hour: This is charged for the provision of therapy support under the direct supervision of a qualified allied health therapist. This charge may apply when a therapy assistant is present within the child’s session, development of the therapy assistant program by the therapist and one-on-one training from the therapist so that the therapy assistant understands and is equip to administer the child’s program in their everyday environment.

Level 2: $86.79 per hour: This is for the provision of therapy support under the delegation and supervision of a therapist, but the therapy assistant can work independently. This would be charged when the therapy assistant is out in the community with their client, either at home, at school, childcare or in the community.

Travel: The travel fee is $14.46 per 10 minutes. This fee goes to the therapy assistant to pay for their time travelling to and from appointments.  $0.96c is charged for every kilometer travelled to reimburse the therapist for petrol and the use of their own vehicle. When several appointments can be scheduled in the same area, the total travel costs will be split between the clients.