Paediatric Dietician Services


Our Dietician has over 20 years experience providing nutrition advice that is easy to incorporate into busy lives. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy foods, complicated recipes or restricted diets to get improvements into your child’s health.

We get to know your lifestyle, eating habits and we develop strong relationships with children and their families to incorporate nutrition advice into everyday life.

We are usually sought out when nutrition priorities for children with disabilities or complex health issues change and nutrition care needs to be adapted.

Your appointments with us are all about you and your child. It’s your life, your health, your time, your goals and your food.


Infant Feeding

Feeding your baby isn’t always easy. There is so much information and advice available, but which is the right approach for you and your bub?

Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, starting solids is a new world to navigate. Baby led weaning, vegetarian and vegan feeding; Let us help to support you in the early days to set your bub up for life long love of feeding and eating!


Scales aren’t always the best measure. We incorporate other measurements of your child’s growth and body composition to work towards optimising your child’s growth and health.


We have software and app ideas that can provide a detailed breakdown of your nutrient intake and identify and address any gaps. Meeting your child’s nutrient needs is the foundation of good health.

Behaviour change support & personalised strategies

Eating is a behaviour that is complicated by many aspects of your child’s life such as their hunger and fullness cycle, developmental stage, sensory preferences and associated picky eating. We have a range of strategies to help your child develop a healthy relationship with food and take the stress out of mealtimes.

Feeding plans

Detailed feeding plans are developed with you to incorporate easy to implement ideas, targeting key nutrients into your child’s current eating habits

Recipe Ideas

We can compile a collection of recipes that suit your child’s health goals and your lifestyle. We can work with daycare and schools to adapt food availability and support your child’s eating.

Support using specialised products

Sometimes littlies need more. Their medical background may mean they burn calories quicker, or require texture modified diets. The use of specialised nutrition products for a targeted goal can be useful. We can support you accessing these products at the most affordable pricing and help you navigate the inclusion of these within your NDIS funding.

Tube feeding

Once established on nasogastric or gastrostomy feeding, our dietitian will provide you practical ways and ongoing support to optimise your childs tube feeds to support their growth and development.

Blended Tube Feeds for gastrostomies

Thinking about trying blended tube feeds? We can provide a thorough assessment of your child’s needs and discuss options, develop recipes and meal plans and assist you in your journey.