Our Workshops

At My Therapy Space we provide a number of informative workshops. Workshops are a great way to share information to a large group of people, to meet with others having similar experiences with their children and openly discuss the topics on offer. They are a useful resource when trying to upskill yourself, family members or educators in your child’s life to better understand and support them. Some of the workshops regularly on offer include:

  1. Introduction to communicating with sign
  2. Wine and sign
  3. An introduction to Neurodiversity affirming practice

We additionally run a number of therapy groups. This is a lovely way for the children to work on their goals with peers. Some of these groups run during the school term while other groups are run during school holidays. The groups we regularly offer include: 

Term time groups:

  1. Seabridges- a Neurodiversity affirming group for children with Autism to learn more about themselves and interacting with others.
  2. Fine motor group- a group for kids to develop their fine motor skills for cutting and handwriting.
  3. Let’s communicate together group- A group for 18 month to 2.5 year olds who are showing signs of delayed language development.
  4. Chatterbox group- A group for 4-5 year olds with language difficulties.
  5. Prep- readiness group- A group run by Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists working on skills to support a successful transition to prep. 

Holiday groups:

  1. Cooking and craft
  2. Scavenger hunt
  3. Movement/dance group
  4. Holiday games
  5. Lego group

Click here to see what groups are currently on offer. We love suggestions and a chance to get creative so if you have any ideas for groups or workshops that you feel would benefit you and your child, please let us know and we can try and make it happen! 

Current Groups

Current Workshops & Events

Our Team Also Offers

  •  Hanen ”It Takes Two to Talk”
  •  Hanen “More than Words”
  • Hanen “Learning Language and Loving it”Programs.
  • Social Thinking Explorers Groups 
  • Let’s Chat – A Speech Pathology Group of 4-6 year old learning AAC & Social Communication through cooking
  • Fun with Switches – An OT/SLP group aimed at developing social communications with switch access
  • Let’s Communicate – An 8 week program for parents and children aged 18 months to 3 who are late talkers

Please contact reception if you would like us to attend one of these programs.