What is Occupational Therapy?

Kids Playing

Occupational Therapists specifically look at occupations or activities that a person needs to do, wants to do and is expected to do. We are able to identify difficulties which prevent individual’s from engaging in these occupations or activities and work out, sometimes zany ways, to help them do so. A child’s main occupations are to learn, relate and play! Children do their best learning through interacting with others and they best interact with others through play.

If your OT appointment is looking like too much fun, please remember that it is through play we can observe your child’s ability to use the following skills…
Social Skills: turn taking, sharing, waiting, attending, initiation, conversational abilities
Fine and Gross Motor Skills: grip strength, dexterity, coordination, range of motion, motor planning, pencil grip, digit isolation, proprioception
Cognitive Skills: problem solving, visual perception, emotional regulation, behavioural patterns, planning, flexibility, organising, attention, memory, self-control
Sensory Processing: whether your child processes input too much, too little, avoids it or actively seeks stimulation
Self-Care: bathing, dressing, oral hygiene, sleep, feeding

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