What Does a Paediatric Dietician Do?

what does a pediatric dietician do

What does a paediatric dietician do?

I get to talk about food all day. And poo. And sometimes vomit. But mostly food! 

1.      I ask lots of questions about what your baby or child is eating (or not eating!) and drinking and/or tube feeding. 

2.      I find the trend in their growth by weighing and measuring them and plotting this (and previous measures) on growth charts. 

3.      I consider intake and growth and wonder if and how this needs to be optimised. 

I wonder together with you – we talk about priorities and the whole of family eating. We talk about the easy to make, bang for your buck changes – the ones that are going to make the biggest difference to your child.  My focus is on pleasurable mealtimes and increasing the variety of a child’s diet, not restricting it. 

Yes! I provide advice on starting solids, fussy eating, sensory preference eating, constipation, optimal growth, allergies and lots more. I do this by

·        Optimising appetite

·        Making every mouthful count (for growth and nutrients)

·        Integrating target foods and fluids with your baby’s / child’s skills and preferences 

·        Integrating target foods and fluids into food therapy with your Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist 

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